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About company

It is a pleasure to welcome you to our website. We hope you will find our offer interesting. You are invited to consider the wide range of our cooperage products. Here you can find interesting ideas.


Cooperage is a newly rediscovered craft. There is a growing interest in traditional work, such as barrels, vats, bread throughs, washtubs or churns. Beka Cooper's Workshop is a brand with many years of experience. Our craft of producing cooperage was initiated by the tradition coming from 1847. Knowledge and skills passed on to us engendered great passion which we strive to nurture and develop. For many years, every realisation has been a challenge and every project is treated individually.

We offer a wide variety of cooperage. Intended for food: barrels for alcohol, cabbage and pickles; churns, vats and many other. Sauna and spa accessories is another group of cooperage, comprising wooden washtubs and bathtubs, sauna buckets, pails and bowls. We specialise in the production of equipment for shops, bars and restaurants, as well as advertisement and promotional products. Attractive racks, stands and displays, along with promotional barrels, constitute our flagship. Our offer includes equipment ideal for garden arrangements. Small elements of garden design are barrels, planters, buckets and washtubs.

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Zakład Bednarski "Beka" Spółka Cywilna
Piotr Drozdowski, Celina Drozdrowska
Młodocin 48; 88 - 190 Barcin

Contact phones:
+48 504 147 363
+48 601 210 603

skype: drozdowski-beka